Renames, mergers and acquisitions

The past few months have been busy, very busy.

Mergers and acquisitions have always been a big part of what the important people do.

Of course, theoretically, that wouldn’t be my problem. However, one wouldn’t believe on how much work it is to get rid of an old name throughout a whole network.

First comes Active Directory – it uses DNS as a primary means of identification. Renaming an Active Directory domain is purely theoretical, e.G. it doesn’t work and it’s not supported if you’re running Exchange 2007.

Then there’s numerous other stuff that depends on DNS, names and everything. But in the end, i did my part of this deal. It has been an interested time and now i really wonder how big companies like Swissair handled their renames – or are they still running their infrastructure under the old name?

My employer is now called Acommit AG.


Of course, the whole rename proved to be a really good argument to buy new servers and upgrade straight to Windows Server 2008 – that means on my side the renaming thing has worked rather well. I still don’t know a lot about the company we bought (Futura Retail Solution GmbH), but their main market is selling POS related products.

If you need the full details, you can get them here:

Futura Retail Solution GmbH
Acommit AG (soon to be updated)


  1. Jack @ The Tech Teapot:

    Hello Lukas, what do you think about Windows Server 2008? We’re running SBS 2003 and I’m wondering whether it is worth the upgrade…

  2. Lukas Beeler:


    Are you in the MSPP? If not, it might not make financial sense to upgrade to the full products.

    SBS 2008 is due to be released at the end of this year. It will include Exchange 2007.

    EBS 2008 (The Big Brother of SBS, requiring 3 machines) will also be released at the end of this year. If you’re at the upper end of the SBS user spectrum, you might want to upgrade to EBS.

    WS2008 has several advancements over Server 2003, but there is no pressing need to upgrade SBS servers to the full products just because of that. Another point is that using WS2008 now makes you an early adopter – especially hardware can lead to smaller problems, though most larger server manufacturers like IBM already fully support it (but e.G. the RAID support tool on the 3250 doesn’t work on WS08, the ServeRAID tools work though).

  3. Jack @ The Tech Teapot:

    We’re only a small site so I doubt an upgrade to EBS 2008 would make sense. We’ll upgrade when the server needs replacing. 2003 has been remarkably reliable for us.

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