Concluding the QU2 week

I’ve spent most my week with working with reporting bugs for IBM’s new DB2 Web Query for System i.

I’ve written mostly about my negative experiences, because there wasn’t much else to be done for me. With the most basic tasks like the German language version and Query/400 import failing, we couldn’t experience all the cool things that QU supposedly offers.

While reading the appropriate Redbook and doing the exercises located within, it looks like a necessity to create some more complicated views to avoid of having to do too many custom joins in the report itself. But this entirely depends on your database structure. QU2 can extract information from your foreign keys in order to generate joins automatically, but this of course only works if you’re already using foreign keys (you should!).

As things are right now, all PMR’s i’ve talked about so far are still open and unfixed, mostly because they’re not in IBM’s direct responsibly and have to be forwarded to Information Builders. And they’re all for very basic functionality like changing the language of the product, or of it’s key features – it works properly in an U.S. English environment, but not yet in a #2939 Swiss German environment.

I will hold a small in-house demo to get word about this new product out and i hope that my coworkers have a bit of a more positive mind about the product than i do. We will see. I’ll post progress of my still-open PMRs, IBM is working on a fix, so i’ll hope it is resolved quickly.

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