Resetting the System i attention light

I’m writing this entry because i’ve seen many Google searches looking for information about this.

Disabling the System i5/iSeries/AS/400 attention light is easy, but you should never do this without thinking it through.

First, go into DST or SST. The first can be accessed by performing a manual IPL, or using Function 21 of the control panel after switching the System to manual mode (this can be done during production – it doesn’t hurt). The DST will then appear on the console. STRSST kann be used from any 5250 session.

If you’re running V5R1M0 or later, you will be asked for an username and password. If you do not know these, you will have to reset QSECOFR’s service password using CHGDSTPWD. Please note that after doing so, you can only login in to DST, not SST – you will need to use function 21 to enter DST, change your password, and then use STRSST (this behavior can be changed, but this is the default).

Then, in SST or DST, perform the following steps:

  • Start a service tool
  • Hardware Service Manager
  • Service Action Log
  • On the selection screen, press Enter
  • Press F6 to turn off the system attention light
  • Press F10 to confirm this<7li>

With this, you should be done. Note that you will see the option to use F6 in the bottom of the screen. If you do not see this, then i5/OS does not know about the attention light and your problem lies somewhere else. You should then use the ASMI to turn off the attention light.

Footnote: Yay. The 100th post. I’m actually quite impressed that i made it this far. It seems that i still don’t have much of a readership (very few comments), but according to Google many people are looking for solutions to problems i’ve had too – so i will try to keep it up.


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  2. Robin Tatam:

    I just google-scanned for this info, and your site came up! Took care of my clients issue, and saved me from writing it all down ;)


  3. Gene Langerfeld:

    Just what I needed – THANKS!

  4. Tim:

    Thanks for the post. I rarely have to reset the light and this post helped.

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