project: d.r.e.a.m

This documentation is no longer maintained. It may be out of date, or simply wrong. I will leave it online, as long as it think it may still be useful.

fnord mini HOWTO

fnord is a small, fast and secure httpd. It is written and maintained by Felix von Leiter. fnord requires an inetd-like superdaemon, to accept TCP Connection. In this HOWTO, we will use tcpserver from the UCSPI-TCP Package, which was written by Dan Bernstein.

Requirements for this setup:

fnord as plain http server

First, we need to compile and install fnord, and set it up as a plain http server. This step doesn't require OpenSSL or stunnel

fnord as https server

To setup fnord to provide https, you need an up and running plain http fnord.

Be aware that there are two methods on how to setup fnord using SSL. One is to use ucspi-ssl, or to use a patched version of ucspi-tcp. The patch can be found here. These two methods are a bit different. Specifics for each variant are marked in simple braces. For Example: (ucspi-ssl) or (patches ucspi-tcp)

If it does not work for you, and you get an error while loading the ssl cert, please check your permissions. Use setuidgid fnord cat /etc/fnords/fnords-key.pem for testing wheter your permissions are okay or not

fnord and fnords should be running smoothly now. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.

This document is public domain.